The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 49 - Matt Dutton from TRACK Brewing

A great discussion with Matt Dutton, Head Brewer at Track about his journey into brewing, how Track got started and most importantly how to brew beers the Track way. Plus how many DIPAs can the team drink before entering the shadow realm…..

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Unity Conflux Competition DeBrief

A quick review of our first homebrew competition which took place last month at Unity Brewing Co in Southampton. Massive thanks to all our sponsors and entrants for the event we had a blast!

Our good friends and competition sponsors Inkbird UK currently have some great discounts available for Prime Day, lots of kit useful for brewing and our other favourite hobby BBQ! Here are some direct links to the offers (get discount by clicking the voucher box if not already applied):

ITC 308 Wi Fi (Temp Control):

ITC 308:

IHT-1P Thermometer:

TDS Meter (for checking RO water quality):

WiFi BBQ Thermometer (Big Discount!):

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 47 - Ivan Juggins from Mash Brewing WA

Our first international guest on the pod! A fascinating chat with Aussie homebrewer turned pro Ivan Juggins covering the realities of pro brewing, the craft beer scene in Australia and an infamous Doughnut beer amongst many other topics!

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 46 - Robbie from Yakima Chief Hops

A really interesting discussion with Robbie Harrigan from Yakima Chief Hops, we talk about the origins of the company and their philosophy, what the difference is between T45, T90 and Cryo, how new hops are named and how research and experimentation is being used to develop new products and brewing strategies, amongst many other topics! We really enjoyed this one so hopefully you will too!

🚨 Prize announcement for the THA x Unity homebrew competition! 🚨

Here are the prizes we have secured so far for the competition, we are still working on this and there is more to come! It’s not too late to sign up to enter but places are limited so jump on the link below to register! Please note entries are only secured once payment is received, cheers 🍻

1st – 2 Tap Kegorator Kit from The Maltmiller + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

2nd – Mini Keg Mobile Dispense Kit from Brew Keg Tap + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

3rd – 1kg of Assorted Hops from CrossmyLoof + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

4th – Inkbird 308 Wifi and Inkbird IHT-1P Thermometer + Goodie Bag

5th – 1 Brewday All Grain Kit + Goodie Bag

6th – 1 Brewday All Grain Kit + Goodie Bag

7th – Pair of Brewcon 2022 Tickets + Goodie Bag

8th – Goodie Bag

9th – Goodie Bag

10th – Goodie Bag

Goodie Bags will include Hop Addition Merchandise and selected items from various sponsors.

Huge thanks to our sponsors for helping us on this journey, every single one of them an absolute bunch of legends!

Unity Brewing Co

The Malt Miller


Crossmyloof Brew – Brewery Supplies

Yakima Chief Hops

Brew Day


Muntons Homebrew


We’ve managed with our amazing sponsors to put together a brewing competition, Hop Addition Style. If you want more information, please check out or have a look at the following video from HisDudeness, the one and only Tricky which should give you more information than I ever could in this one post.

The competition is going to be on the 29th July at Unity Brewing Co in Southampton. Jimmy has been kind enough to host us while we do the judging and come up with the winners. We’re open for registration right now! We’ll put a post up when entries are open!

Join us for a competition with a difference, we want your inspiration, we want your beers that don’t fit into a category, we want your super tasty banger that you dare not enter into a comp because its between 2 styles. Best tasting beer wins. End of discussion. Go register your interest, get your brewing shoes on and brew us up a juicy banger! Make sure it conforms to the recipe parameters on the website above and send that bad boy in! You never know, it might just flick our beans enough and you could win some pretty damned awesome prizes!

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 45 - Duration Brewing

We are joined by Miranda and Bates from Duration to chat about their journey setting up the brewery, the In for the Duration crowdfunder, the Duration brewing philosophy and everything in-between! This episode includes a £5 off discount code for Duration beers from their web shop here but you will have to listen to get it!

Check out the crowdfunder here: Duration Brewing

There were some minor technical issues during this recording so apologies for any audio glitches that remain.

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Hop Addition x Unity Homebrew Competition!

A very exciting announcement about a homebrew competition we have organised in collaboration with Unity Brewing Company and a whole host of other sponsors. The date for the competition is the 29th of July and you can find out all the details in this podcast and by visiting the website here: