Episode 70 – Barrel Aging with Gary Farlow from Vocation

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 70 - Barrel Aging with Gary Farlow from Vocation

A deep dive on the process of barrel ageing and how to make the beers that go in them with Gary Farlow from Vocation Brewing

1 Comment on “Episode 70 – Barrel Aging with Gary Farlow from Vocation

  1. Hello boys!
    Have been meaning to drop you a line since hearing your touching shout out to me in episode 59. I am, of course, THE Liam Poole, your one and only (still?!) Hop Star!
    Was struggling to find a way to make contact as I have to listen to your podcast via Spotify because I can’t make the live streams, and am hoping this gets through!
    Just want to say thank you for what you do – I was fortunate enough to come across you (fnar fnar…) during a desperate search for an alternative to Brülosophy (and all the other US-based HB pods). I pretty soon realised that you are absolutely my kind of blokes talking about (and drinking) beer in a way that I can totally relate to. Aside from being wildly entertained by your combined wit and charisma (!!!) I’ve also learnt loads. I lead a full and interesting life (!!!) but I am genuinely always delighted when a new episode is released, as was the case today – I’m literally just home now from a week away for work, and Ep 70 lasted almost the exact length of my journey to get here – Made a normally shitty journey one that I was almost disappointed when it was over.
    So as I am getting tucked in to the first glass of what may end up being a few of an HB hazy pale (Perle, Simcoe, Calypso, Strata), I raise my glass to you find group of men and say ‘cheers!’

    Ps: (!!!) is supposed to convey irony / mild sarcasm / self deprecation…

    Pps: I pressure fermented this hazy I’m drinking at about 1.5bar and when I took the first few, erm, Quality Control (!!! – There I go again…) glasses direct from the Fermzilla the pillowy head and soft mouthfeel was unreal. Since closed-transferring to a keg and hooking up to CO2 regulated at about 1bar, the head is less pillowy and the mouthfeel much less soft. Any tips on how to retain natural CO2 character obtained through spunding when beer is transferred to a keg and served under pressure of bottled CO2? Thanks!

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