🚨 Prize announcement for the THA x Unity homebrew competition! 🚨

Here are the prizes we have secured so far for the competition, we are still working on this and there is more to come! It’s not too late to sign up to enter but places are limited so jump on the link below to register! Please note entries are only secured once payment is received, cheers 🍻

1st – 2 Tap Kegorator Kit from The Maltmiller + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

2nd – Mini Keg Mobile Dispense Kit from Brew Keg Tap + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

3rd – 1kg of Assorted Hops from CrossmyLoof + TMM Voucher + Goodie Bag

4th – Inkbird 308 Wifi and Inkbird IHT-1P Thermometer + Goodie Bag

5th – 1 Brewday All Grain Kit + Goodie Bag

6th – 1 Brewday All Grain Kit + Goodie Bag

7th – Pair of Brewcon 2022 Tickets + Goodie Bag

8th – Goodie Bag

9th – Goodie Bag

10th – Goodie Bag

Goodie Bags will include Hop Addition Merchandise and selected items from various sponsors.


Huge thanks to our sponsors for helping us on this journey, every single one of them an absolute bunch of legends!

Unity Brewing Co

The Malt Miller


Crossmyloof Brew – Brewery Supplies

Yakima Chief Hops

Brew Day


Muntons Homebrew


We’ve managed with our amazing sponsors to put together a brewing competition, Hop Addition Style. If you want more information, please check out http://www.thacomps.uk or have a look at the following video from HisDudeness, the one and only Tricky which should give you more information than I ever could in this one post.

The competition is going to be on the 29th July at Unity Brewing Co in Southampton. Jimmy has been kind enough to host us while we do the judging and come up with the winners. We’re open for registration right now! We’ll put a post up when entries are open!

Join us for a competition with a difference, we want your inspiration, we want your beers that don’t fit into a category, we want your super tasty banger that you dare not enter into a comp because its between 2 styles. Best tasting beer wins. End of discussion. Go register your interest, get your brewing shoes on and brew us up a juicy banger! Make sure it conforms to the recipe parameters on the website above and send that bad boy in! You never know, it might just flick our beans enough and you could win some pretty damned awesome prizes!

Here at The Hop Addition we have decided to start a patreon, this will allow us to cover the costs of the podcast and hopefully move forwards to doing some amazing content for you guys!

If you want to contribute to the podcast and help us in our journey moving forwards, please join us as a patreon at The Hop Addition Podcast on Patreon

We love doing this and have some big plans going forwards, the details of which will be given as soon as everything is finalised, we want to give you guys the best content that we can, and your patreonage will contribute directly to the content we can supply you.

If you can , please contribute.


The Hop Addition Crew

Guys, firstly an apology, we’ve not been updating stuff. We have had some issues with recording software, but I’m also having some issues with my software and logons for the website to be able to upload things.

I think I’ve found the issue and I think its been resolved, but we still havent had the time to edit the latest episode of the podcast and get the audio up and online. I should be able to do this on friday evening with a little luck.

Please accept our apologies and we’re trying to get better, trying to find the time to be able to sort all these things with schools having gone back and external pressures on our time.

We’ll be back. Promise.

So we’re starting small, I have a limited run of Fridge magnets which are available. I’ll be getting some other stuff done soon, but in the interests of checking the waters, I decided fridge magnets would stick to kegerators and keezer alike so I went with them.

If you want a fridge magnet, then you can send a PayPal payment to us Pm me for the address, trying to avoid the spam bots here… Friends and family or please cover the fees. The cost of them is Β£1.80 and that includes 2nd class postage to the UK. If you’re abroad and would like one, then PM me first and I’ll check the postage rates to wherever you are in the world.

They are rather cool, and the numbers are limited in the first instance, and prices may go up due to Brexit when I do a reorder. Please bear that in mind. Check back for more merch as and when I get it all sorted and on stream.

Love yas, even the shandy drinking southerners…. 😜😜

We’ve added a newsletter. Just want to be able to keep you guys abreast of any giveaways, podcast releases and general happenings around the podcast and website. Check out the next episode release for the reason why you really should sign up. #freebies

Its been a while since I’ve done a post on the site, but I’ve also had a lot of requests from people for a detailed breakdown of the CraftBeerPi (CBP) build that Andy Lynch and myself talked about on Episode 11. As such here is a detailed breakdown of the parts I used and how I did my build.


Under no circumstances should you attempt this unless you are a qualified or trained electrician. All of my work was inspected and checked by an electrical engineer with 35 years experience of panel building. There is a very real risk of injury here, and possible life changing injury at that. You’ve been warned and I, and the Hop Addition crew will take no responsibility for you doing something stupid and frying your ass. Before you plug anything in, get it checked for safety first, or even better, ask a sparky friend to be there when you do it so he can stop you if you’re being a bellend!)

Another disclaimer here. I’m English, live in England and as such have listed things from shops I have access to, if you’re in another country, you’ll have to do the research into what stuff you need, I cant help with that. Remember what your voltage and current is on your mains supply and build appropriately.

Right, that’s the legal stuff taken care of so here is the dealio.

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So, the lockdown affects us all, massively. Covid-19 is having such a huge effect on many things, and at the same time its Easter so a lot of people, including myself and the Trickster are spending time with our families, as such the next episode has been recorded but the editing of it is taking a little while longer than expected. I realise there are a lot of people who will be looking for content to listen to, and things to watch to while away the time during this challenging time, so I’m gonna recommend everyone jumps over to YouTube and checks out Dudes Brews channel.


Should be sufficient to raise your brewing game to a new level and if you find the right videos, there is some funny stuff there too.

Check it out, and we’ll have the next episode to you as soon as we can.

Table Golden Ale

So, its been a couple of weeks since my last brewday, and the kegs are running a little low as I’ve managed to find some time in my busy schedule to visit the shed on a couple of occasions for a pint or 2 and a video chat with friends and relatives. As such, its time for something a little different…

I’ve been loving lower ABV beers recently, something I can sit and have 3 or 4 pints of and not feel like I’ve been on a session. Todays recipe is as below….

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that I’ve moved back to a very simple BIAB setup for my brewing, and I’ve found that with a few stirs I can hit 70% efficiency easily, a value I’m very happy and content with. I’ve been wanting to use up my leaf hops so this is an opportunity to do just that with this brew.

Lets hope that everything comes together and the wife drags herself out of her pit early enough for me to do this brew before the weather closes in and it ends up not happening.

So, first update, I’m out of Jester, so that’s gotta be changed and I’m also low on First Gold so they are gonna be saved for a Boondoggle Clone later on this month. I’m gonna use Challenger to bitter and then use up my Olicana leaf hops. In the meantime here’s a picture of my brew buddy helping me just after mash in lol

Ozzy about to Mash in, love my little brew buddy!
The brewing setup…