The start of The Hop Addition’s merch line!

So we’re starting small, I have a limited run of Fridge magnets which are available. I’ll be getting some other stuff done soon, but in the interests of checking the waters, I decided fridge magnets would stick to kegerators and keezer alike so I went with them.

If you want a fridge magnet, then you can send a PayPal payment to us Pm me for the address, trying to avoid the spam bots here… Friends and family or please cover the fees. The cost of them is £1.80 and that includes 2nd class postage to the UK. If you’re abroad and would like one, then PM me first and I’ll check the postage rates to wherever you are in the world.

They are rather cool, and the numbers are limited in the first instance, and prices may go up due to Brexit when I do a reorder. Please bear that in mind. Check back for more merch as and when I get it all sorted and on stream.

Love yas, even the shandy drinking southerners…. 😜😜

2 Comments on “The start of The Hop Addition’s merch line!

  1. Hi Chris. I’d like a couple of the fridge magnets if I could please. I’m not of Facebook but I think you’ll get my email address from form I have to fill out to submit this message. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Dave Clark

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