What are they?

A closed transfer is a transfer of beer from the fermenter (primary or secondary) to the serving or aging vessel via a closed circuit avoiding oxygen during the transfer. Closed transfers are used as oxygenated beer isnt nice. It takes on an overly sweet and darker character which isnt great in all beers.

My closed transfer system is pretty standard, check the video below.

Apologies for the poor camera work, but you’ll get the idea.

One important thing to remember when using this system is to monitor the volume transferred, especially if using the spunding valve, as they really don’t like having liquid in them. With a standard Cornelius keg, I tend to stop after 18.5L to be safe, but if you get one of the newer valves from kegland, they can be used for liquid or gas, so if you mess up its not the end of the world, a quick rinse and you should be good.

Lemme know any comments below, any tips to improve or anything you think I could do differently.


Due to the UK currently being battered by winter storms Ciara and Dennis, myself and the Trickster are finding it quite difficult to sync up our timetables to get the podcasts done, as well as dealing with the fact we both record in sheds, and sheds don’t do well with wind and rain. We have one currently in edit, this should hopefully be released within the next few days, and if the storms die down a little we’re hoping to have a couple more recorded this week as its half term.

Please bear with us while climate change gets in the way of even our podcasting! We haven’t forgot and are wanting to put out content for you guys, but these storms aren’t pretty.