Episode 3 – Beer Off – Flavours

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 3 - Beer Off - Flavours

In this episode we discuss some common off flavours that you might experience while home-brewing and strategies to avoid them. Let us know what you think of the episode, anything that we could improve or got wrong or any questions that you have from this discussion. If you are listening to this via iTunes etc please subscribe/follow, rate the podcast and/or leave a review if possible.

3 Comments on “Episode 3 – Beer Off – Flavours

  1. Hi Chaps,

    Really enjoyed the podcast and as quite often happens listening raises a few questions. The main one I have is that it would be interested to hear what cleaning product you use. I think most of us use Starsan/Chemsan etc but I was wondering what you guys use to clean boil kettle, fermenters and kegs etc?



    • Hi Dan,
      I used PBW for a bit which was great but very expensive, then I started using the oxy clean stain remover stuff from Lidl which has the same primary ingredient (Sodium Percarbonate) and worked out a lot cheaper, I’ve since switched to buying straight Sodium Percarbonate in bulk from eBay which seems to work out as good value for money. I use this for everything cleaning wise followed by a water rinse and then starsan to finish, works really well and haven’t had any issues with chemical taint or chlorophenols since adopting it. There is no chlorine in it and no issues using it on stainless, plastic or whatever
      I’m pretty sure Chris does the same cleaning wise. I’m considering doing a quick vid on my cleaning process at some point although that might be a bit boring!

  2. My cleaning process has changed a little. Over the last few months I’ve started using percarbonate to loosen everything then using plain old washing up liquid and a soft ish cloth to clean the gunk off stuff. Then it gets a good rinse and starsanned.

    Keg cleaning is slightly different. The keg gets a damned good blast out with hot water and then filled with 60 degree water and percarbonate added. I use the pressure from the evolved oxygen to force the liquid out of both posts and leave it to stand for 30 minutes, giving the keg a whack every 5 minutes to encourage the reaction. That gets drained, then rinsed, then starsan goes in right up to the absolute top. I then use the CO2 produced during fermentation to purge the keg ready for the beer to go into it. Saves having to use CO2 from my cylinder to purge the keg.

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