Episode 4 – Re-Using Yeast

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 4 - Re-Using Yeast

This episode discusses the various methods for harvesting and propagating yeast so you can brew numerous batches from a single yeast pack. We also give a few shout outs to people who have been supporting us during the first few episodes and introduce a new feature The Commercial Break where we each sample and review a commercially available beer.

6 Comments on “Episode 4 – Re-Using Yeast

  1. Another great episode! Cheers for the shout out!

    A few comments – RE: Trub, I was of the understanding that it came from the German word “trΓΌbe” (though could be wrong) and if I’m right, the pronunciation of “troob” seems appropriate; it’s what I say anyway.

    Chris was very cheeky giving you schtick about your pronunciation when even he refers to his beer being truby when pouring the sour! Love some good banter between mates.

    Also, regarding yeast cell counts, I can confirm that Gigayeast state that they have more than 200 Billion cells and can be pitched directly into a 5 gallon wort of up to 1.070. It’s good stuff.

    I’ve dried my own Kveik sent over from John Anderson many times.

    Cheers fellas!

    • Cheers Andrew, I agree Chris is a cheeky fucker and should mind his own pronunciation hahaha! I thought that was the case for Gigayeast so thanks for confirming that one.

      • You 2 saying there’s something wrong with the way I pronounce Eukanot? I think I’ve got it bang on… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Two dog walks worth, and thanks for the mention, much appreciated.
    I’m intrigued as to who placed those yeast slants that have been found in polar ice hundreds of thousands of years ago? πŸ˜‰

    Keep on keeping on – just don’t wear a name badge at the Magna beerfest – that Rotherham lot are iffy when they’ve had a few…

    • You seen the grief I’m getting from these 2 reprobates above? I try to be helpful and all I get is grief… 😜😜😜

      I do live the Magna festival, loads of breweries and it’s up North so I’m even happier. Gimme a nudge if you’ll be there this year fella. Covid19 allowing of course…

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