Episode 1 – The Pilot

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 1 - The Pilot

This is the pilot episode of The Hop Addition. 2 mates who talk about brewing a lot decided to record their conversations and let you listen in. There is some strong language, so its not recommended to listen to this around kids, but we hope the content will make up for the odd bit of swearing.

4 Comments on “Episode 1 – The Pilot

  1. Hi, great kick off to Podcasting. Some great advice here for newbies (such as myself). I have recently got in to Homebrew, did a few kits end of last year and am now moved on to extract recipes with a view to doing BIAB later this year. Idea being to concentrate on learning one step at a time. The key I have found, that upped the quality of my brews, is to have good temperature control during fermentation. Looking forward to future Episodes, off to listen to episode 2 now. 🙂

    • Thanks Phil, keep going and don’t fall into the trap of moving to all grain too quick. Make the beer you want to make, the way you want to make it. We’re just trying to throw information out so people can enjoy the process and the result.

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