Another old tutorial but again getting a few views on the old tube so thought I’d post it here as well for reference, lots of people have issues with PBs and they get a lot of stick online but if you get a decent one to start with (avoid the cheapest ones from wilko etc) and follow these methods you should be good. Its the best way to get a handpump style dispense without having a beer engine/cask set up in my opinion and works great with english style ales.

I brewed this as a Christmas beer for 2016 using a Vanilla Bourbon Stout recipe from the Greg Hughes book as inspiration. It was pretty experimental with my first use of oak chips and an addition of rum at bottling but I am pleased to say it came out great and I have been enjoying it as it has gradually matured. It definitely a strong one and the rum addition puts it into 7% territory so one for the small bottles!

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So Brewdog have updated their DIY dog recipes for 2017 including beers not yet released, whatever you think of them as a company this is pretty cool (although watch out for the recipes which seem to be riddled with errors!). One of their beers I had last year and enjoyed was ‘Casino Rye Ale’ so I was happy to see this in the new book, I won’t be brewing it as its written because a) its wrong (stated grist does not give the correct OG) & b) the amount of hops is exorbitant IMO and the original did not taste like it had that much in it anyway. So here is my interpretation of what will give a similar beer with out having to spend the best part of £20 on hops alone!

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Falconers Flight is a blend of NW Pacific Hops including Simcoe, Citra and Sorachi Ace. This recipe should give a very hop forward APA with all the characteristic flavours you would expect, citrus, pine and tropical fruits. It is currently fermenting so I will have to report back on how it turns out in a few weeks….

When I brewed it I actually forgot to add the flame out addition (doh!) so I will be experimenting with using that for a hop tea that will be added prior to bottling.

Batch size: 19 Litres

Brewhouse efficiency: 80%
OG: 1.044
FG: 1.009
IBUs: 35.8
ABV: 4.6%
EBC: 11.8


3.1 kg Pale Ale Malt
0.16 kg Crystal Malt 40L
0.06 kg CaraMunich II


10g Magnum at 60 minutes FWH (or use any clean bittering hop)
20g Falconers Flight at 10 minutes
20g Falconers Flight at 5 minutes
40g Falconers Flight at 0 minutes
50g Falconers Flight dry hop 5 days



Mash at 66c

Ferment at 20c