Sams Boston Lager

Inspired by a clone recipe for Samuel Adams Boston Lager but with added hops and a Munich Lager yeast. This produced a delicious amber lager with a wonderfully floral and spicy hop character, some drinkers even claimed it was superior to the original…

Batch size: 19 Litres

Brewhouse efficiency: 78%
OG: 1.050
FG: 1.013
IBUs: 30
ABV: 4.9%
EBC: 14.8


1.8 kg Pale Ale Malt
2.0 kg Pilsner Malt
0.3 kg Caramel 60L


28g Tettnang at 60 minutes (or use any clean bittering hop)
28g Hallertau Mittlefruh at 20 minutes
20g Hallertau Mittlefruh at 5 minutes
10g Bobek at 5 minutes
20g Bobek dry hop 5 days
10g Hallertau Mittlefruh dry hop 5days


Munich Lager Wyeast 2308

Mash at 68c

Ferment using Brulosophy lager method

12c for 1 week then ramp up to 20c for finish

1 Comment on “Sams Boston Lager

  1. I can definitely attest to this being a FANTASTIC recipe. I make no secret of my fondness of an amber lager, but this one was one of the nicest I’ve tried. Loads of body, without being heavy, clean, fresh, fruity and very moreish. I drank it too quickly though… [hic]

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