Moose’ Brew

Well, what can I say. My brother in law is called Tom, but we call him Moose, and this was Moose’ Christmas present last year. A post went on BookFace saying that Weihenstephaner was his favourite beer and he loved it etc etc, so I thought, what do you buy an accountant who has everything? Nothing! You make him something! So I set about finding a decent clone recipe for that Weissbier and made it for him…

He said it was a bit ropey at the start (Well, if you try to drink it after only 7 days in the bottle Tom, that’s what it’ll taste like…) but the second one was spot on and the subsequent 40 he drank were all good apparently. I kept a couple in my kitchen to check for carbonation and I can confirm its Weihenstephaner, definitely Weihenstephaner, just at 30p a bottle rather than £2. Try it, you will like it… Also makes a particularly good Dunkel if you add 600g of CaraMunich II in the place of some of the Pilsner and up the CaraWheat to about 450g for more malty sweetness. I upped the mash temp to 67.5 to give a little more mouthymaltyness…

Title: Moose’ Brew
Author: Chem

Brew Method: All Grain
Style Name: Weissbier
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 23 liters (fermentor volume)
Boil Size: 31 liters
Boil Gravity: 1.036
Efficiency: 70% (brew house)

Original Gravity: 1.049
Final Gravity: 1.011
ABV (standard): 4.93%
IBU (tinseth): 12.38
SRM (morey): 5.01

3 kg – German – Wheat Malt (56.6%)
2 kg – German – Pilsner (37.7%)
150 g – Rice Hulls (2.8%)
0.15 kg – German – Caramel Wheat (2.8%)

20 g – Hallertau Hersbrucker, Type: Leaf/Whole, AA: 4, Use: Boil for 60 min, IBU: 9.08
20 g – Hallertau Hersbrucker, Type: Leaf/Whole, AA: 4, Use: Boil for 10 min, IBU: 3.29

1) Sparge, Temp: 66 C, Time: 60 min, Amount: 18 L Sparge with 2x 7L @ 70
Starting Mash Thickness: 3.5 L/kg

Wyeast – Weihenstephan Weizen 3068
Starter: No
Form: Liquid
Attenuation (avg): 75%
Flocculation: Low
Optimum Temp: 17.78 – 23.89 C
Fermentation Temp: 22 C
Pitch Rate: 0.35 (M cells / ml / deg P)

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