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So, I’m looking at hopefully getting a couple of brews on this week, with maybe one more this weekend. I’m gonna be hitting up the recipes on here for inspriation, but I’m lacking some of the yeasts.

From the yeasts above, and bearing in mind I dont have a slants library floating around like some do, which yeasts would you recommend to work well with the Rye Amber? Maybe a yeast for a Dunkelweissen? (Confused between MJ20 and MJ21 for that one). I only have 1 pack of US-05 and a wife who is reaching the end of her tether with my brewing kit being all over the house, hence looking for alternatives rather than just buying loads more.

Also, does anyone have a recipe for a good Saison? Mine was a bit dark and clovey now I’ve had the last bottle, looking for something a little lighter…

Has anyone used BRY-97 before? What sort of profile does it have? Clean? Estery? That one was bought for experimentation, but I’m looking to get a stock of good quality tried and tested brews on…

Thanks in advance


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  1. Any of those clean American or English yeasts could work for the Amber, I would probably try the M44 or Liberty Bell if you don’t want to use the US05.

    Haven’t used BRY 97 but if its sold as American Ale yeast I would assume a clean profile with emphasis on hops

  2. I’m planning on brewing tonight, so I’m gonna make a mango pale ale with NZ Hops, dry hopped with NZ Hops and see how that goes. Will try the BRY97 in that and see what happens. Will work up a recipe and post in in a few hours.

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