Episode 16 – Largers

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 16 - Largers

Episode 16 is here and its a meandering, contentious, yawning journey through the wonderful world of lagers. This is the hardest style to perfect so we give you some tips as to how to make a good one, and talk about the different versions that are available.

Check it out!

2 Comments on “Episode 16 – Largers

  1. Copied from good search:

    To pant in Norway is to return a drinks bottle or can to the supermarket and get a refund of the deposit you paid when purchasing. Simples! … You can feed in other bottles and cans too (for example some cans from the duty-free don’t have pant) and the machine still takes them for recycling, you just don’t get any credit.

    So 1 or 2 pant is the amount of credit refunded from recycling

    • That explains a lot and marries in with something Andy said on the podcast. Who’d have thought the Norweigeans would be all about the pants?

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