Episode 11 – The one with the Scottish Tricky.

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 11 - The one with the Scottish Tricky.

Since my brother from another mother Tricky currently has a crotchfruit and house moving issue to resolve, I’ve recruited a guest cohost for this episode in Andy Lynch of The High Road Brewery channel on YouTube to come on and talk about the electric breweries we’ve built using craftbeerpi.

Tricky hasnt massaged this episode with his special blend of 11 herbs, spices and patchouli oil, but it still sounds good! Join us in the wonderful world of CraftBeerPi and building your own remote controlled electric brewery.

2 Comments on “Episode 11 – The one with the Scottish Tricky.

  1. Thanks for great podcast with Andy! I am a big fan of Andrew.
    Can you please upload the bitter for all of us, and not only Andy. And to you Andy, can you post your recipe in the description on youtube and in procent? I had to stop and pause many times for copying your Bounty Porter, cheers.
    I aren’t walking the dog whiling listen to ya, but I am cnc lathing stainless tri clamps.
    Cheers from Denmark. Stay safe

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