Kempston Breakfast Stout

This was my take on the Founders KBS clone, it was a mighty long brewday and one of the messiest beers I have done so far but it was a good experience to dip my toe into the Imperial beer pond and hopefully the results will be worth the effort!

My recipe was fairly true to the original on the AHA website but with some substitutions for grain and hops, I also went slightly higher with the target OG at 1.096, in the end it came out at 1.098 but a touch under volume, I could have liquored back to target but I couldn’t be arsed so left it as it was. The wort tasted like a chocolate coffee pudding and was very thick and syrupy, once the bourbon is added this one should be pushing past 10% ABV! Cant wait to try it and to compare the brews from Jamie and Chris

Watch how the brew went here and see me try to give some useful info on brewing big beers as well!

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