Episode 6 – Methods for homebrewing beer

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Episode 6 - Methods for homebrewing beer

A run through of the different ways you can brew beer at home from kits through to the different types of all grain brewing. A good one for beginners but some general info and discussion for more experienced brewers too. Cheers

4 Comments on “Episode 6 – Methods for homebrewing beer

  1. And yes I biab it’s only a klarstein kettle , pulley to lift grain bag out fook holding 9kg of hot heavy grain above kettle while it drains . Set up very simple but works and I sparge with a jug through a funnel with a water can nose on it very hi-tech

  2. Low tech, yet high quality beers. Clearly you’ve shown that its not the kit thats making this great beer, but good process and an eye for a good recipe. Top work Pablo, i smashed all 3 of those beers and while the Sabro one was a bit thick for my palette, awesome flavour though, I loved the other 2. Thanks for sending them over, will be boxing some beers up for various people to ship out tomorrow when the wife is off work and I can get 10 mins to myself lol

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