Episode 46 – Robbie from Yakima Chief Hops

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 46 - Robbie from Yakima Chief Hops

A really interesting discussion with Robbie Harrigan from Yakima Chief Hops, we talk about the origins of the company and their philosophy, what the difference is between T45, T90 and Cryo, how new hops are named and how research and experimentation is being used to develop new products and brewing strategies, amongst many other topics! We really enjoyed this one so hopefully you will too!

3 Comments on “Episode 46 – Robbie from Yakima Chief Hops

  1. Hi Gents,
    I’ve been listening my way through all the Hop Addition pods over the last couple of months and I have to say I’ve absolutely loved them. I’ve been informed and entertained in equal measure, and my brewing is all the better for it. Having got to the end I was forced to search for other, lesser, podcasts to fill the void left in my daily commute…No Bueno… Imagine my joy when the Yakima Chief pod popped up! Legends. Keep doing what you’re doing. Cheers! (tiiiiiiiits!)

    • That Yakima Chief pod is a bloody brilliant one too. I absolutely loved being a part of that one. Enjoy bud

  2. Thanks very much Marcus really appreciate the positive feedback, we’ve got some really exciting topics and guests lined up for future pods so stay tuned!
    Cheers Rich aka Tricky!

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