Comet Lager

This was my first attempt at a lager and the resulting beer was probably my best to date… my other half reckons it’s the best lager she’s ever drank… high praise indeed.!  The fermentation schedule was a little complex, but this was recommended to me by the brewer at Chorlton Brewery… I followed to the letter and the result was so good, I’ll do it again for definite.

Batch size: 20 Litres

Brewhouse efficiency: 72%

OG: 1.055

FG: 1.009

IBUs: 22

ABV: 6%

EBC: 9


4.7 kg Pilsner Malt

0.15 kg Carapils Malt

0.1 kg Crystal 40 Malt


5g Magnum (12.1%AA) at 60 minutes

25g Comet DE (8.3%AA) at 10 minutes

25g Comet DE (8.3%AA) at 5 minutes

1 tspn Irish Moss at 15 minutes


Fermentis SafLager W-34/70 Weihenstephaner


Mash at 64°C for 90 minutes

Ferment 11°C until the gravity reaches 1.018, then drop the temperature by 1°C per day until you get to 6°C and the gravity has been stable for 1 week.  Raise the temperature to 20°C for 3 days for a diacetyl rest, fine with gelatine and cold crash for 4 days at 2°C before bottling/kegging.

Bottle or keg with 2.7 volumes or CO₂

2 Comments on “Comet Lager

  1. Not used Comet, and that does look like a very nice lager… one for the future plans definitely

    • Make sure you use the German Comet and not the American Comet. The German one is more fruity and floral, whereas the American one is more piney and dank… like a Columbus or Centennial, but not as potent.

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