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Episode 35 – How to cock up a brewday!

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 35 - How to cock up a brewday!

This episode has been on the cards for a while, its all the ways to cock up a brewday, how to screw it before you start, when you package and all the steps in between.


Episode 7 – All Grain Process Series – Mashing

The Hop Addition
The Hop Addition
Episode 7 - All Grain Process Series - Mashing

I slightly meandering journey through the process of mashing, we were both quite well oiled for this one so a few naughty words might have slipped out and the occasional rant but hopefully you will still enjoy it! In this episode we cover different types of mashing process, factors affecting mash performance and what we think is important to consider.

Closed Transfers

What are they?

A closed transfer is a transfer of beer from the fermenter (primary or secondary) to the serving or aging vessel via a closed circuit avoiding oxygen during the transfer. Closed transfers are used as oxygenated beer isnt nice. It takes on an overly sweet and darker character which isnt great in all beers.

My closed transfer system is pretty standard, check the video below.

Apologies for the poor camera work, but you’ll get the idea.

One important thing to remember when using this system is to monitor the volume transferred, especially if using the spunding valve, as they really don’t like having liquid in them. With a standard Cornelius keg, I tend to stop after 18.5L to be safe, but if you get one of the newer valves from kegland, they can be used for liquid or gas, so if you mess up its not the end of the world, a quick rinse and you should be good.

Lemme know any comments below, any tips to improve or anything you think I could do differently.